About Wilde Ganzen Foundation

The Wilde Ganzen Foundation is a Dutch NGO, founded in 1957 with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives. We support community-based organisations in the Global South and their Dutch fundraising partners in joint efforts to achieve a better future because we believe communities should have control over their own development.

About us

The Wilde Ganzen Foundation utilizes more than 60 years of operational experience in international development to promote responsible philanthropy. We support social changemakers that are taking on initiatives to fight inequality. We do this through grantmaking, in-depth technical assistance, expertise and our on-the-ground networks.

Our two programmatic focuses include:

  • Support to Philanthropic Initiatives: Guiding small Dutch organisations (“private development initiatives”) to implement smart, responsible and sustainable philanthropic initiatives in partnership with local community based organisations (CBOs).
  • Change the Game Academy: Supporting CBOs in the Global South to increase community engagement and enhance their financial sustainability by raising domestic resources and mobilising other forms of support.

We are a dedicated team working from our office in Hilversum, the Netherlands

Support to Philanthropic Initiatives

Every year, Wilde Ganzen Foundation supports hundreds of small-scale philanthropic initiatives. These projects are co-created by community-based organisations in the Global South and their Dutch partners (mostly “private development initiatives”). We value equal partnerships based on mutuality, complementarity and trust. In our partnership model, the local organisation takes full ownership of the project while the Dutch partner raises funds in the Netherlands to support them. If Wilde Ganzen approves a project proposal, we commit 50% of additional funding to the Dutch partner’s fundraising. In addition, we provide in-depth technical assistance and expertise to ensure the initiatives are implemented in a smart, responsible and sustainable way.

Wilde Ganzen Foundation welcomes new partnerships year-round. Please note: Project proposals can only be submitted by organisations from countries that are eligible to receive official development assistance (as listed on the DAC list of ODA Recipients), together with a Dutch partner organisation.

We particularly encourage projects:

  • That benefit children, people with disabilities and women and girls.
  • That are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Change the Game Academy

Many civil society organisations in the Global South depend on foreign funding to do their work. Change the Game Academy (CtGA) aims to end this dependency by supporting autonomous local organisations to strengthen their fundraising capacity. Raising domestic resources not only enhances financial sustainability, it also increases community engagement, local ownership and legitimacy of organisations. Additionally, because organisations with a local support base are better positioned to hold their governments accountable, we also train organisations to mobilise support from governments.

CtGA was co-created by the Wilde Ganzen Foundation and partner organisations from Brazil, India and Kenya. Through a unique programme that includes e-learning, in-person classroom courses and individual coaching, CtGA supports grassroots social changemakers in learning how to effectively fundraise and mobilise domestic and international stakeholders. The programme is currently being implemented in 14 countries and more than 1.000 organisations have been trained. Results of an evaluation that was completed in 2018 provide evidence that trained CBOs are effectively increasing their fundraising and mobilising support – demonstrating the objective is being achieved.

Change the Game Academy aims to change the ‘rules’ of the development game: transferring power to communities and enabling them to shape their own future.

Visit our website for valuable information and e-learning.


Wilde Ganzen Foundation
Heuvellaan 36
1217JN Hilversum
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)35 625 10 30

email: servicedesk@wildeganzen.nl

If you have a complaint you wish to submit, please read:
Complaints procedure of Wilde Ganzen for partners in developing countries which is also available in Spanish, French and Portugese.


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