About Wilde Ganzen Foundation

All over the world, Wilde Ganzen supports people in developing countries in their efforts to achieve a better future for their community. Our support is aimed at tangible, small-scale projects for and by the people themselves, without discrimination concerning race, language, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

About us

We are a Dutch organization, based in the Netherlands. Projects we support are being initiated through the cooperation of these communities and committed Dutch individuals.

Wilde Ganzen was established in 1957. Development and cooperation, is what Wilde Ganzen has always been about. We have been working for almost 60 years with dedication and determination, because the prevailing inequality in the world is something we wish to change.

Wilde Ganzen co-finances these projects and provides support and advice. This way, projects which have been started with much enthusiasm and involvement have a better chance to become self-sustained. Wilde Ganzen stands for cooperation, development and sustainability. Examples of projects we support are: the renovation of a primary school in Nepal or the construction of water wells in Kenya. Projects in which people in developing countries (our international project partners) improve their lives by working together with committed Dutch people. The latter are known as Private Initiatives: small scale, mostly voluntary development organisations (NGO’s, foundations, social clubs). Every year, Wild Ganzen supports about 350 projects worldwide. Wilde Ganzen works hard to raise funds. The funds we raise for projects are almost entirely from private sources.

Project proposals

The year round Wilde Ganzen supports hundreds of projects from small scale development organisations such as NGO’s, foundations, private initiatives that contribute to fighting poverty worldwide and making sustainable progress.

The detailed planning of a project is the task of the Project Owners. The project owner, a local (development) organisation, is also responsible for the implementation of the project. The project owner works in close cooperation with their partner in the Netherlands, who raises a considerable part of the funds for the project.

If Wilde Ganzen approves a project proposal, we will add 50% to the Dutch partner’s fundraising. So, if for example the project budget is 33.000 euros, the Dutch partner raises 22.000 euros, Wilde Ganzen will add a premium of  11.000 euros. This means the Dutch partner raises 2/3 of the approved project budget, and we will cover 1/3 of the approved project budget, on condition 2/3 part has been raised by the Dutch fundraising partner.

Wilde Ganzen welcomes new partnerships. But Please note: You may submit a project proposal only if you are connected to a Dutch partner organisation that is willing to raise funds for your project.

We particularly encourage projects:

  • which are beneficial to children, people with disabilities and women and girls
  • that take sustainability into account, in other words: that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable


Wilde Ganzen runs a number of programmes that stem from projects and satisfy the needs of private initiatives and/or grassroots organisations. The programmes relate to current issues. In addition, they establish Wilde Ganzen as a leader in sustainability and places the responsibility for poverty alleviation where it belongs: not just with impoverished people, but also with the governments, businesses, and middle class in developing countries.

Change the Game Academy

Many Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in lower and middle income countries depend on foreign funding. Change the Game Academy aims to end this dependency and support autonomous local organisations by changing the rules of the game. Initiated by Wilde Ganzen Foundation in co-creation with partner organisations in Brazil, India and Kenya. Offering a unique program that includes e-learning and classroom courses, Change the Game Academy trains grassroots social changemakers how to fundraise and mobilize support locally. With in-depth free online learning courses, local trainers and classroom courses in 12 countries.

Change the Game Academy empowers NGOs in in the global South to make a difference. Because the fight to end poverty starts from within.

Visit our website for valuable information and e-learning.


Wilde Ganzen
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Phone: +31(0)35 625 10 30

email: servicedesk@wildeganzen.nl

If you have a complaint you wish to submit, please read:
Complaints procedure of Wilde Ganzen for partners in developing countries which is also available in Spanish, French and Portugese.


A world in which people who are living in poverty are capable to improve the situation and the future of their community and themselves.

Wilde Ganzen Foundation fights poverty worldwide. By providing financial support, knowledge and expertise we support and strengthen small-scale projects and social enterprises that stem from joint initiatives of people living in poverty, their community, and committed people in the Netherlands. In addition, we enhance the ability of people living in poverty to mobilize funds and resources within their own country. Aimed at immediate, as well as structural improvements to their current situation and their future.