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English - Wilde Ganzen

Aim and background

All over the world, Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese) supports, through their Dutch partners, disadvantaged people who make an effort to achieve a better future for their community. Our support is meant for small-scale and specific projects of, for and by the people themselves in developing countries and a number of Eastern European countries, without distinguishing between race, language, religion or orientation. 

Wilde Ganzen tries to achieve this aim by raising funds for the projects together with the Dutch partner. Besides, we have been raising funds by means of a weekly radio and television appeal through the Dutch inter-church broadcasting IKON ever since our formation in 1957.

You may submit a project proposal only if you have a Dutch partner who is willing to raise funds for your project.


Every year, Wilde Ganzen supports 350-500 new projects all over the world. Wilde Ganzen only supports projects through the so called ‘Dutch partners’. Dutch partners are, for example, schools and foundations in the Netherlands that raise funds for a development project. These partners are also known as private initiatives. Each project requires a private initiative in the Netherlands that makes an effort to raise the necessary funds for the project. Wilde Ganzen increases the funds raised by adding a Bonus of 55% to the result of the campaign, after which the project can be executed. Through their donation, endowment or inheritance, the donors enable Wilde Ganzen to support hundreds of campaigns year after year.

Support and submitting a project; how it works

In cooperation with your Dutch partner, you wish to propose a project to Wilde Ganzen and apply for a contribution.

Download the English project application form (to be filled out by the project owner/project holder). Your Dutch partner downloads and fills out the Fondsenwervings- en voorlichtingsplan. Both forms are to be send to Wilde Ganzen (together in one envelope preferably). When both forms have been received, the procedure can be started. 

Before you start, please read carefully the Project Application covering letter and the Criteria and Ranking. In case you need additional information for filling out the form, pleas read the Project Application instructions. When you prefer to supply your project budget estimate in an Excel table, please download the Project Budget table.

What you may expect from Wilde Ganzen

  • Professional screening and assessment of your project.
  • Tips and advice for your fund raising campaign.
  • Practical support for your campaign with promotional material.
  • Donation administration and financial handling.
  • 50% Bonus on top of the campaign result of your Dutch partner for your project. 

An example

An example:An organisation from a Dutch town organised a large-scale benefit concert with a lottery. The proceeds went to two school projects in South Africa. 

Gross campaign result: € 22.000
Wilde Ganzen Bonus: € 11.000   (50%)
Total available for project:   € 33,000

Project criteria

The Wild Geese Foundation is unique; The projects are generally one-off, small-scale, and concrete. Only concrete material investments can be covered. Capacity building activities to enhance the effectiveness of the investments can be covered up to 25% of the project budget.

Partnership between people within the Netherlands and abroad:
Private individuals or organisations that, under the umbrella of the Wild Geese Foundation and using account number 40.000, can run an adequate fund-raising campaign for the project. 

Target group and development oriented
The results contribute to the improvement of living-circumstances of people living in poverty.
The project concerns a local initiative, meaning the project form is filled out locally.

• The project has feasible goals, which can be achieved within the project period. 
• By preference, the project should be realisable within a year’s time. 
• There should be sufficient means and resources to realise the entire project. 
• The project is implemented by a capable organisation of people involved with the project.

• The request for application contains a sufficiently specified description of the project.
• The project will have measurable results.
• The project is soundly supported with facts.
• The organisation guarantees to send us insightful, timely and complete reports on the project

Expense consciousness
• There is a good balance between costs, the amount of beneficiaries and the effectiveness of the project. 
• The costs (i.e. building materials) are roughly equal to customary prices for local use.

• The project has to be sustainable (institutionally, socially, culturally, financially and environmentally). 
• There have to be sufficient funds and resources for exploitation costing to ensure durability.

Special attention
Wilde Ganzen particularly encourages the presentation of applications for projects that focus on helping people with disabilities, or children and adolescents living in slum districts and in rural areas.

These criteria and goals automatically exclude the funding of:

  • Contribution to exploitation (rent, salary, school money, travel and accommodation expenses, etc.)
  • Contribution to religious work, such as the construction or renovation of religious buildings, evangelisation, the distribution of Bibles
  • Support to private individuals
  • Emergency aid.

Contact details

Wilde Ganzen
Heuvellaan 36
1217 JN  Hilversum
the Netherlands, Europe

Tel. +31 (0)35-6251030
Fax. +31 (0)35-6246677

Bank account number: 40 000

Why the name Wilde Ganzen - Wild Geese?

The Danish theologian and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) tells of a wild goose that teaches a gaggle of domestic geese how to fly again. The domestic geese have come to rely on daily routines and have to be careful not to give way to the temptation and the danger of becoming sluggish geese. Wild geese risk their necks and take the initiative. In doing so, they work closely together; by joining forces they can cope with great challenges. 

Procedure in case of issues or complaints

Wilde Ganzen aims to be a transparent and learning organization and a reliable partner for its supporters and Private Initiatives in the Netherlands, as well as for its project partners overseas (the Project Owners). This includes a thorough examination of complaints, including those from partners overseas.

Of course we hope that your contacts with Wilde Ganzen are satisfactory. Therefore we invite you to call upon us and discuss any problems that may arise. Your contact person within Wilde Ganzen will gladly be at your service. We assume that together you will come to a solution. Should this, however, not be the case, it is possible to submit a written complaint to the director.

You may send the director your written complaint within two months after the occurrence or decision to which it relates. The director will acknowledge the receipt or your complaint within 5 working days. The complaint will be dealt with under responsibility of the director within six weeks. If you disagree with the decision taken, you may appeal to an independent complaints committee. The complaints committee will review your complaint independently and advise the director. The director can only depart from this advice for well-founded reasons. The director will inform you about the advice by the complaints committee and his/her final decision.

The full procedure is available upon request.

Project application forms

You may submit a project proposal only if you have a Dutch partner who is willing to raise funds for your project. 

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