To tackle conflicts, poverty, inequality, the climate crisis and other global challenges, we need solid support for development cooperation. Budget cuts, new policies, and discontinuation of public support activities cannot hold us back. More than ever, we need citizens and politicians to make a difference in a just world.

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Wereld Café

It’s time for a new narrative to win the hearts and minds for stronger global solidarity. We must seek connection with citizen initiatives that work outside the existing frameworks. We can learn from successful narratives and engagement strategies from the women’s movement, youth organisations and diaspora initiatives.

This World Café will take place live at the Partos innovation Festival.

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In this live edition of the World Café, we look at inspiring examples and new perspectives from the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. How do you tell a new story, create engagement and build a fanbase? How do you seduce citizens from giving to becoming part of a movement for justice, sustainability and development worldwide? Let’s put in motion the future of solidarity & development together: young, female & beyond borders!


Among the panelists are Yana Buhrer Tavanier, co-founder and Director of Fine Acts, a global platform for socially engaged creative solutions. Fadhili Maghiya Director of Sub Sahara advisory panel from Wales, and Hounaz Behesthi, communication specialist from RNW Media.